Matthew Schwalm

​B.S.I. Director/Instructor

Matthew Schwalm holds a Barber Instructors License for the State of Pennsylvania. It is also the school where he has learned his proper training in the barbering trade. Directly after completion of the program, Matt barbered at Ft. Indiantown Gap Army Base with the help of B.S.I.'s job placement program. He then worked at Steelton Barber Shop for 5 1/2 years prior to opening his own successful barbershop in 2008. Matt also instructed at another barber school before taking over ownership of B.S.I. Instructing at another barber school has given him the drive and determination needed to own and operate his own barber school. Over his career, Matt has gained experience in a wide range of men and women's hairstyles as well as multi-cultural haircuts varying in many styles.

Ashley Schwalm


Ashley Schwalm is one of the instructors at Barber Styling Institute. Prior to her career as a Barber Instructor, Ashley was a Reading Specialist in the public school system. Ashley was thankful for the flexible scheduling that B.S.I. offers which made it possible for her to attend barber school part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer in order for her to acquire her barber license. After graduating from B.S.I., Ashley worked for Clean Cut Barbershop prior to obtaining her Barber Instructors license. Ashley has a passion for teaching and barbering which is why she made the decision to join B.S.I.’s staff full-time in 2015. Ashley and the staff at Barber Styling Institute prioritize the needs of their students to provide an authentic learning environment that prepares students to then transition into a barbershop or salon upon graduation.



X is a great addition to our team at Barber Styling Institute! X is originally from Thailand where he started his career in the profession. X received European training on various haircutting and coloring techniques. X owned his own salon for over 8 years prior to relocating to Pennsylvania. X is a 2013 graduate of Barber Styling Institute and has a passion for hair and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.

​​Lynn Bias


​Lynn Bias has over 40 years of barbering experience. Prior to joining our team at Barber Styling Institute, Lynn was the barber for the House of Representative at the State Capitol for 16 years. During his professional career, Lynn has owned and operated several barbershops and a salon. The barbershop he presently owns and operates out of has been in business for 14 years. During his free time, Lynn enjoys camping, traveling and ​watching the Green Bay Packers!